Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What you got sure ain't alot

Just thought i'd post some of the music i like
If anyone has some really good bands or songs post some comments and show me some good stuff

Streetlight manifesto
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Brand New
Any really dirty dubstep
All Shall Perish
Anthony Green
Andy McKee
Arctic Monkeys
The Beatles
Bright Eyes
Jack Johnson
John Frusciante (Love this guys solo work and everything in the chili peppers)
Lil Wayne
The Mars Volta
The Middle East
Modest Mouse
Mumford & Sons
Dont call me gay... but... Nevershoutnever
Silver Sun Pickups
Sky Eats Airplane
Nat King Cole
Harry Konnick Jr.
Winds of Plague

Thats just a few of my favorites
Once again if you know any great music show me I'd love to hear it

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sorry to anyone who reads my blog ive been really busy lately,
I'll continue posting as much as possible though

Monday, October 4, 2010

Believe and you will receive

I found out today one of my closest friends is losing hope in her future,
she wants to drop out and settle for a GED
she wants to run away and try to live on her own, abandon everything.. including me
I wish there was something I could do for her to show her if she just tried, believed she could, she'd be able to do so much more with herself

This is one of the key problems with today's society
People don't believe in themselves.
One thing I've learned about life is that if you believe something it WILL eventually become true
Say you were a very shy person, you don't have much self confidence and you don't think very highly of yourself
There is a way to change that.
A psychological trick that is very useful is believing in something
It may sound terribly simple but it works.
If you, despite your terrible feelings toward yourself, make yourself act outgoing and say things that build you up, however small, eventually you WILL become that person, you will over the course of time change your mind set
If you tell someone every day, "Man, i'm really happy with what I've got", or "I really like the way i look today", no matter how vain it may sound, you'll eventually believe it.
Of course don't get too carried away with this,
but use this idea to your advantage, any area of your life you find lacking
try and build yourself up, make yourself a introspective person, see what is wrong and fix it

Try this simple experiment
Tomorrow morning wake up, say to yourself "Today is one hell of a good day"
First person you see, tell them the same.
put on your favorite clothes
look your best
listen to your favorite song
BELIEVE tomorrow will be a really good day,
make yourself feel like tomorrow is just a great day
take little joys in the things you do
If you're feeling extremely stressed, jut think how great it will be when that stress is lifted,
positive thought creates positive experience

If you choose to take part in it, comment with your results

I'm not saying it will Always work,
Everyone has those days that just can't be too great
but just believe, push your mind into happiness.

Remember to love yourself and love what you do, no matter how much you hate it!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just some "About me"

I am a christian,
I believe what i believe through reasoning not because i was raised that way
All it takes is some personal experience, deep thought, and Psychedelic trips
I'll never ask someone to agree with what i believe if they don't want to

I am straight,
I love women.. no way to change it
I do support gay people, they are just the same as us,
I dont support annoying mother fuckers who think since they are gay they should get their way and the only reason they dont get their way is because they are being discriminated against

I don't have political views,
I feel like no matter who gets elected in whatever part of the world,
were all  going to end up as corrupt as before
Every human has the capacity for evil, it's all about situation.

I love playing music,
I play guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, clarinet, and i dabble in piano
I'm looking to learn saxophone and a couple other instruments
I just need the money to buy one

I am currently jobless,
I'm not lazy i just am currently unemployed
I'll get a new one soon enough

I'm not all knowing,
as much as I'd love to say i'm always right
I'm not this blog is about what i think and feel not what's absolutely proven

If you have any specific questions just leave a comment ill answer them at some point

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mind Control and Deindividualization

I'm currently a student participating in a Psychology course,
I've learned a decent amount of interesting things for only being in it for six weeks

One of the most interesting things is how easy it can be to think for others
as humans we rely on social interaction to form ourselves, our personalities and thoughts
what many in the past have done (such as Hitler) is take advantage of that, create a world to let our followers live in where all of their social influence points toward their leaders word.

The most widely spread mind control is religion.
I myself have beliefs, there HAS to be something more than us just appearing out of nothingness
but thats not what im here to say,
im here to show you what religion does to a person and their thoughts

Christianity is in the top ten of the most massive forms of mind control
Christians are NOT bad people, they aren't stupid and in fact many extremely successful people are christians
Christians have a tendency to not know why they believe exactly what they believe,
My father is a die hard conservative republican super Christian
His reasoning for everything he believes is based on nothing but a feeling
He says God is always there, and will make your life better
There is no wiggle room, what he believes is law
The only reasoning he has behind this is what the preacher tells him
People run to whatever they think can make them feel complete
And if there is a leader (preacher) telling them they can feel complete if they conform to the leader's belief,
They would do Anything for that.
Blind followers flock to the sermons
They lose themselves in this culture they see a god above them created by those around them.
Personally i feel there is a God,
But he is not the god these preachers speak about
These religious spigots of bullshit spout out whatever they feel the bible should say
they twist and rape the ideas God has laid down
They preach that their god is benevolent and omnipresent, always loving, always caring
but in the same ideal they preach that adulterers and homosexuals should die,
That "The punishment for sin is death"
its a sick practice,
people make mistakes, people will live their lives no matter what you say to them
The true God is a unconditional lover, if you are broken he wants you fixed
These leaders show the lost souls out there a new cause, they think for the people,
they show these people what is right and wrong
these people become less and less individuals and
more and more one body, all fed the same ideals, all fed what the leaders want for them,
these people firmly believe it all, they look down on the sinners and the lost
While they are the worst sinners themselves, hypocrisy runs rampant in their ranks
 they see a drug addict alone and broken and feel so superior, they think that addict is below them
when every day they commit sins just as evil, they overlook that and continue being self righteous
This body they inhabit is a diseased one, their leaders take away the individuality, they show them that their sins mean nothing compared to the lost.
The leaders are not here to carry on Gods word, they carry man's ideas.

The leaders can take control of this body and do ANYTHING they want, if it's "god's" will.
it will be done.

Are you being controlled?
Do you know why you believe what you believe?

My First

Hello bloggers,
i've never been one to write, but i need a place to throw some thoughts and happenings down so I thought it might as well be here.

As is obvious, i am pretty average
im white
Blue eyes
Brown hair
Decently intelligent
And always looking for a greater answer

Although i doubt you could give me all the answers i look for in life,
ill see if some rhetorical questions can stimulate your mind a bit.

So that's all i'm here to do, just put down my knowledge so far, and see what i can add to your equally average life. Enjoy.