Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mind Control and Deindividualization

I'm currently a student participating in a Psychology course,
I've learned a decent amount of interesting things for only being in it for six weeks

One of the most interesting things is how easy it can be to think for others
as humans we rely on social interaction to form ourselves, our personalities and thoughts
what many in the past have done (such as Hitler) is take advantage of that, create a world to let our followers live in where all of their social influence points toward their leaders word.

The most widely spread mind control is religion.
I myself have beliefs, there HAS to be something more than us just appearing out of nothingness
but thats not what im here to say,
im here to show you what religion does to a person and their thoughts

Christianity is in the top ten of the most massive forms of mind control
Christians are NOT bad people, they aren't stupid and in fact many extremely successful people are christians
Christians have a tendency to not know why they believe exactly what they believe,
My father is a die hard conservative republican super Christian
His reasoning for everything he believes is based on nothing but a feeling
He says God is always there, and will make your life better
There is no wiggle room, what he believes is law
The only reasoning he has behind this is what the preacher tells him
People run to whatever they think can make them feel complete
And if there is a leader (preacher) telling them they can feel complete if they conform to the leader's belief,
They would do Anything for that.
Blind followers flock to the sermons
They lose themselves in this culture they see a god above them created by those around them.
Personally i feel there is a God,
But he is not the god these preachers speak about
These religious spigots of bullshit spout out whatever they feel the bible should say
they twist and rape the ideas God has laid down
They preach that their god is benevolent and omnipresent, always loving, always caring
but in the same ideal they preach that adulterers and homosexuals should die,
That "The punishment for sin is death"
its a sick practice,
people make mistakes, people will live their lives no matter what you say to them
The true God is a unconditional lover, if you are broken he wants you fixed
These leaders show the lost souls out there a new cause, they think for the people,
they show these people what is right and wrong
these people become less and less individuals and
more and more one body, all fed the same ideals, all fed what the leaders want for them,
these people firmly believe it all, they look down on the sinners and the lost
While they are the worst sinners themselves, hypocrisy runs rampant in their ranks
 they see a drug addict alone and broken and feel so superior, they think that addict is below them
when every day they commit sins just as evil, they overlook that and continue being self righteous
This body they inhabit is a diseased one, their leaders take away the individuality, they show them that their sins mean nothing compared to the lost.
The leaders are not here to carry on Gods word, they carry man's ideas.

The leaders can take control of this body and do ANYTHING they want, if it's "god's" will.
it will be done.

Are you being controlled?
Do you know why you believe what you believe?


  1. some interesting points you make in here, look forward to reading more

  2. Badass first long post.. hope to see more from you! What would you classify yourself as religiously?