Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just some "About me"

I am a christian,
I believe what i believe through reasoning not because i was raised that way
All it takes is some personal experience, deep thought, and Psychedelic trips
I'll never ask someone to agree with what i believe if they don't want to

I am straight,
I love women.. no way to change it
I do support gay people, they are just the same as us,
I dont support annoying mother fuckers who think since they are gay they should get their way and the only reason they dont get their way is because they are being discriminated against

I don't have political views,
I feel like no matter who gets elected in whatever part of the world,
were all  going to end up as corrupt as before
Every human has the capacity for evil, it's all about situation.

I love playing music,
I play guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, clarinet, and i dabble in piano
I'm looking to learn saxophone and a couple other instruments
I just need the money to buy one

I am currently jobless,
I'm not lazy i just am currently unemployed
I'll get a new one soon enough

I'm not all knowing,
as much as I'd love to say i'm always right
I'm not this blog is about what i think and feel not what's absolutely proven

If you have any specific questions just leave a comment ill answer them at some point


  1. I don't know why, but the questions flashed in my mind while I was reading, "Do you have a job? What is it do you exactly do?" Anyway, I'm glad to see a Christian who isn't a complete Bible thumper, we got enough of them over here in Texas.

  2. Its really cool to find someone who's christian and still open minded.

  3. Psychedelic trips are just chemical signals in the brain activating neurons; Artificial stimulation if you will. Knowing that, it's tough for me to connect religion and drugs.


  4. True true
    i was kind of being sarcastic when i said that
    but once again believe what you want i'm not here to change you

    thanks for the constructive criticism though :p

  5. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. It's good to be open minded, but try to get focused too. :)

  6. definitely
    i never let anything take me away from my true passions, focus is key

  7. Remember to always be open minded and good luck!