Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What you got sure ain't alot

Just thought i'd post some of the music i like
If anyone has some really good bands or songs post some comments and show me some good stuff

Streetlight manifesto
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Brand New
Any really dirty dubstep
All Shall Perish
Anthony Green
Andy McKee
Arctic Monkeys
The Beatles
Bright Eyes
Jack Johnson
John Frusciante (Love this guys solo work and everything in the chili peppers)
Lil Wayne
The Mars Volta
The Middle East
Modest Mouse
Mumford & Sons
Dont call me gay... but... Nevershoutnever
Silver Sun Pickups
Sky Eats Airplane
Nat King Cole
Harry Konnick Jr.
Winds of Plague

Thats just a few of my favorites
Once again if you know any great music show me I'd love to hear it

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