Monday, October 4, 2010

Believe and you will receive

I found out today one of my closest friends is losing hope in her future,
she wants to drop out and settle for a GED
she wants to run away and try to live on her own, abandon everything.. including me
I wish there was something I could do for her to show her if she just tried, believed she could, she'd be able to do so much more with herself

This is one of the key problems with today's society
People don't believe in themselves.
One thing I've learned about life is that if you believe something it WILL eventually become true
Say you were a very shy person, you don't have much self confidence and you don't think very highly of yourself
There is a way to change that.
A psychological trick that is very useful is believing in something
It may sound terribly simple but it works.
If you, despite your terrible feelings toward yourself, make yourself act outgoing and say things that build you up, however small, eventually you WILL become that person, you will over the course of time change your mind set
If you tell someone every day, "Man, i'm really happy with what I've got", or "I really like the way i look today", no matter how vain it may sound, you'll eventually believe it.
Of course don't get too carried away with this,
but use this idea to your advantage, any area of your life you find lacking
try and build yourself up, make yourself a introspective person, see what is wrong and fix it

Try this simple experiment
Tomorrow morning wake up, say to yourself "Today is one hell of a good day"
First person you see, tell them the same.
put on your favorite clothes
look your best
listen to your favorite song
BELIEVE tomorrow will be a really good day,
make yourself feel like tomorrow is just a great day
take little joys in the things you do
If you're feeling extremely stressed, jut think how great it will be when that stress is lifted,
positive thought creates positive experience

If you choose to take part in it, comment with your results

I'm not saying it will Always work,
Everyone has those days that just can't be too great
but just believe, push your mind into happiness.

Remember to love yourself and love what you do, no matter how much you hate it!


  1. I try to make the best of my days and never dwell on the bad things. I'm actually pretty good at it. But I wished this method worked on physically skills, like artwork. I want to join an art school, but I don't have much confidence in my abilities. Especially when compared with other real artists, it makes me feel pretty terrible.

  2. Well unfrightful,
    youre just falling into the same category,
    Where do your physical skills originate?
    in the mind, Art especially, just believe you can do it, practice it more and more,
    And if you want to join art school do it.
    School is there so you can learn is it not?

  3. Anything is possible with the right attitude!

  4. I wish I would of gone to high school, but instead, I settled for a GED. I am a much better person than I used to be though. Especially pertaining to self confidence and such.

    Some people just have to figure stuff out on their own.